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Review of CD Realease Party at the 9:30 Club

ADAM WEST: live at the 9:30 Club April 12, 1997

Part 1: The Show

Saw our man Jake Starr's band Adam West at the 9:30 Club here in DC on Saturday. For those not familiar with the 9:30, it is THE club in DC. I saw The Misfits for the first time there last year. The 9:30 is where all the major tours stop in DC. I've seen Luscious Jackson, the Genitorturers, Fugazi, the Pogues, etc... there. You get the picture.
Seeing Adam West there was a real treat. I mean, seeing Adam West at the same place I first saw the Misfits, how cool is that! Getting to hang backstage at the 9:30 was the bomb. The door price ($8) was a downer, but I drank my fair share of the beer backstage. (sorry guys) Got to meet Jake Starr's dad too. He was a real cool guy. Getting to see Adam West play with a real P.A. was also rockin'. These guys are so good. Their energy for this show was through the roof. You could tell they were stoked to be playing the 9:30. The sound was the best I've heard from them ever, despite one pulled cord.
They pulled out all the stops fer this one, including having go-go dancers (I kid you not) for 4 or 5 songs. There was even some freak who thought he knew the chorus to the song "Speedbump" and tried to sing with Jake. (o.k., that was me)

Part 2: The CD

What also made the show special was that it was the release party for Adam West's long awaited CD "Mondo Royale". I got a copy at the show. The cover is way cool, and features friend of the band Trixi. Turns out Trixi was also one of the featured go-go dancers of the evening.
Before I talk about the music, I have to share a personal moment. I couldn't wait to get home, so I took the plastic off the CD on the Metro. I was reading the lyrics & liner notes, and then I saw it....
There was my name in the "Thank Yous." In fact, Mark Kennedy, D-Rod, Denmom, and CG are all in the Thank Yous by name, and the entire Misfits Bible in mentioned too. If that's not reason enough to buy this CD, I don't know what is.
Just so everyone knows, all the songs on this CD are new. None of the 7" songs from the past are on it. They did a great job capturing their "sound" on the CD. All the energy is there, the booming bass is there, the wah-wah pedal is there, all the things that make Adam West Adam West are there. My favorite songs so far are "Upside Down," "Speed Bump," "Wrong-way Ronnie" & "Woke Up On the Ceiling." They also do an interesting cover of Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs."
Bottom Line, get the CD! E-mail Jake Starr right now! If you happen to live in the DC area, or if yer gonna visit anytime soon, Tower Records is carrying it as well.

By Tarry Carapezza, Misfits Bible

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