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Adam West Interview in Black Ink White Paper fanzine - January 1999

From a city and time where bands play what the kids want. When bands all sound the same. When bands play much, much longer than they should. In a time when most bands just plain suck. There are always one or two that survive and are worth checking out.

After a year of living in DC, I found a band that does just that. One that is worthy of gracing the pages and screen of BIWP. That band is Adam West. This part of the interview was done via e-mail. Next issue should have a follow-up with these fellas. So when you are done reading this, send them the money you take out of your parents' coin jar and order a record or two....

Adam West is Jake Starr (vocals), Derrick Baranowsky (guitar), Steve (bass), and Tom Barrick (drums).

1) Who are you and does your mom put out?

Jake: I'm the fabulous Jake Starr. I sing and my mom always puts out.

Derrick:I'm Derrick from Adam West. Put out? Not sure, but tell your mom I said hi.

Steve: Fuck off and fuck off.

Tom: I'm Tom and my mom is dead.

2) How did you get the autograph of Adam West?

Jake: My dad took me to a custom car show when i was 8 years old in Philadelphia. Adam West was there with the Batmobile. He had a broken arm but was still wearing the batsuit. It was pretty disturbing to me as a kid. Hell, it's disturbing to me now! Anyway, I got him to sign a picture "To Jake, from one crimefighter to another, Adam West."

Derrick: I don't have Adam West's autograph, but can we talk about your mom some more.

Steve: Jake blew him for me.

Tom: I thought it was Madam West.

3) Did you ever send him a record?

Jake: No, but he knows about us and gave us the thumbs up. When he wrote his autobiography "Back to the Batcave" in 1994, he did a book signing tour. We were supposed to play at his appearance at the Hard Rock Cafe in DC. He ended up canceling most of the tour and didn't appear in DC. Lame.

Derrick: No. Would your mom like one?

Steve: My criminal record is no one's business but America's Most Wanted.

Tom: She hates us.

4) How would you compare the line up and sound of Adam West the band of today to the creation of Adam West in 1991?

Jake: Very different. When Bill Crandall and I formed the band in December 1991, we were more of a mid-60s British invasion band. When Bill quit in November 1994, I decided to carry on, but add more of a harder element, like Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5, and the Misfits. When Steve joined the band, we took on more 70s rock influences like Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. So now we have a punk rock/70s rock/60s garage thing goin'.

Derrick: The Adam West of 1991 was like a flabby girly-man. The Adam West of today is a band that will bulldoze its way through a club near you just when you thought nobody rocked anymore!

Steve: Dingleberries.

Tom: No comparison. It's like going from Virginia Slims to unfiltered rat shit.

5) Who is the 90210 fan? What kind of trouble do you think Dylan is going to get into as he seeks his revenge?

Jake: I haven't watched 90210 in years cuz it sucks so badly, but I think if Dylan and Brandon could finally admit their homo-erotic love for each other, Steve could join in and they could give each other hot carls in a daisy chain.

Derrick: Oh, PLEASE! That would have to be Jake!!! He's the TV junkie of this band for sure. He can tell you what Dylan was wearing.

Steve: What the fuck are you talking about?

Tom: Dylan can't sing, but people say he writes good lyrics. Sorta like Jake.

6) Jake, is your dad still pimping you out?

Jake: Hell yeah! Rocco Starr is the mack daddy drivin' the fly caddy dealin' the choice peppermint patty!

Derrick: He's working on me now. Jake doesn't have much time anymore with his sewing and knitting classes 4-5 nights a week. He's learning how to knit his love a pair of "booties."

Steve: I've never paid for his ass.

Tom: I'm your daddy.

7) Does he "preview" the "ladies" before passing them on to you?

Jake: Yeah. He has to "preview" them to make sure they're not chix with dix, dig?

Derrick: Ask your mom.

Tom: In Cuba.

8) What are the requirements they must meet?

Jake: Well, like I said, as long as there's not a sausage sandwich, thunderbirds are go!

Derrick: For Jake? Breathing!

Tom: Gay activities.

9) How did you hook up with the Candy Snatchers to do the split 7"?

Jake: I met them a few years ago thru my friend Dave Champion. I was down in Virginia Beach visiting my cousin and Dave was gonna be there visiting the Snatchers. So we all hooked up and became friends. They might be the best live band in the world...along with the Hellacopters. So I decided to do a split 7" with them on my label Fandango Records. That record is damn near sold out now.

Derrick: Hook up? No, we didn't sleep with them. Jake knows them and just took care of business.

Steve: Jake blew them.

Tom: Gay activities.

10) How did you get hooked up with Daniel Kossow and do you call on his services much?

Jake: Dan Kossow was my uncle's law school roommate. So when we needed an entertainment attorney, my uncle suggested Dan. We've only called on him a couple times since we hired him. Mainly for looking at lame record label contracts from bogus labels that wanna sign us and when ESPN bought the rights to "Speedbump" to use in their Winter X-Games. For that kinda shit, you need a lawyer.

Derrick: No, but your mom does.

Steve: I think he's the one who keeps getting me out of jail.

Tom: Gay activities, no comment.

11) Do you have any interesting stories on when you had to call on him for his services?

Jake: Other then the ESPN thing, no.

Derrick: Once upon a time, Jake was a very lonely boy...

Tom: Gay activities.

12) Who is the chick on your web page with the gun? Has she needed Danny's services?

Jake: That's Trixi Bee. She rocks so hard she don't need no attorney, yo!

Derrick: Well, I only joined the band because I thought I would have a chance to score with her, but Jake scared her away.

Tom: Gay activities. I'm not homophobic, Derrick is.

13) Is there anything you would like to add?

Jake: Yeah. To all you lame-ass emo dorks in DC, you better come correct cuz I'm coming to collect. Come out and see something dangerous for a change and stop listening to what the "cool DC scene" tells you to. Damn wussies!

Derrick: Ya want more? Come to our shows! And bring your mom.

Steve: Can I crash on your couch for a few days or months, and do you have any money I can borrow?

Tom: Gay activities, maybe, if Derrick would stop that shit.

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