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Review of Adam West records in Carbon 14 - July 2001

Adam West - "Hi-Balls Are Rolling" 10"EP
Adam West/Hellacopters split 7"

It's testosterone city as soon as the needle hits vinyl on both of these releases, but I like that kinda thing so no complaints. Adam West are a hard rockin' bunch of manly men with a lot of swagger. Jake Starr goes all Jim Morrison all of a sudden on two of the tracks on the A-side, "Your Wish..." and "Nine," which is an interesting juxtaposition since Jake resembles Captain America or a muscular, tattooed Ron Howard more than he does the Lizard King. But cock rock is cock rock so whatever; it's all good. The three tracks on the B-side of the 10" are all covers. The bands represented are AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, and Mensen, (a three-girl/one-guy Norwegian combo; an unusual choice. Also of note because I think one of the girls in Mensen is hooked up with Nicke Hellacopter.) The Thin Lizzy song was the best of the three, I thought. Their version of "Sin City" is good but I'm too used to hearing the 440s do it. (There's something extra charming about Wendy singing it.) The split single is also choice; two Damned covers--Adam West doing "Neat Neat Neat" and the 'Copters doing "Stab Your Back" (arguably two of the best Damned songs.) Definitely worth hunting down.
-Leslie, Carbon 14 Magazine, Issue #19

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