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Review of "Right On!" CD in Daredevil Records - December 2001


Finally we've got it, the best band from the states. Are you kidding me we all know who the best and hottest band is, don't we? (Write me if you want to know). Ok, let's get serious. What's behind the best thing, since we all know that record companies always have the need to praise their acts sometimes a little bit too much. ADAM WEST from Washington play dirty PUNK ROCK that roots deep down in the seventies (THE STOOGES, MC5), which has some major garage influences as well as some hard ass kicks and licks which also push them near the HARDCORE genre. Definitely not the best band on the planet, but pretty damn good for sure. C'MON AND BLUDGEON ME the opening track shows you what to expect, straight ROCK'N'ROLL with some ass kicking beats. Most of the tracks are pretty fast, guess they like to step on the pedal, so that's more than ok to me, no wimpy shit here. But they also get surprisingly quiet over tracks on RIGHT ON!. Check out the cool SWAGGER which tacks its main riff from an old AC/DC track, the melodic and groovey GENTLEMEN'S EVENING or BLUEBLOOD that somehow reminds me of the good old MOTÖRHEAD. A cover version of EROTIC NEUROTIC from THE SAINTS has also been recorded, and this one, like all the others, works out quite well (note this track is only on the European version). Somehow they remind me a little bit of the whole Scandinavian scene (THE HELLACOPTERS, GLUECIFER, BACKYARD BABIES) in their earlier more ass kicking days, but like I said before ADAM WEST got a more cutting edge to them. Not to be left aside should be the fine and raw vocals of Jake Starr, whiskey drenched, hard and cool, yeah that points it down pretty good. The production is more than satisfiying, what more do you want. Don't let yourself get lead in the wrong direction, a first look at the cover artwork: STONER ROCK pop up your mind at once (a bikini chick posing before a bike). (8 outta 10)
--Thomas Schubert (, December 2001

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