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DC Music Pages Review of Mondo Royale - June 1997

Adam West, in a nutshell, sounds like a combination of a punked-out Thin Lizzy and Budgie. This CD rocks, folks! The best produced recording, since I reviewed the 18Rabbit New Breed of Other CD a while back. In fact, I think Adam West sunk some money and effort into making this fine CD. It has outstanding recording and production, which is difficult to do if you are not a BIG-NAME act with a BIG budget behind you, but these guys pulled it out and the CD cover is cool, too! These guys like guns! If I said it once, I'll say it again: I like seeing artistic CD (or tape or record) covers, since so many are boring and lame.
Enough with this superficial stuff, lets get into the music - Adam West is composed of Jake Starr on "Throat", James Marlowe on "Guitar", Steve on bass and vocals, and Tom Barrick on drums. The guitar sound is very Thick and full-bodied on this CD, especially for a rock/punk/grunge band - no tinny guitar sound here! The bass and drums are in sync and Starr does, indeed, GROWL out of his throat, on vocals. "Cream Cheese" is a cool, spacy bass solo. Really enjoyed this piece. "6 and 6 Is" is easily the best song on this CD. There is wah-wah pedal on some of the songs, used in a cool 70'ish way. "Haunted" sounds like 60s sounding punk - I can see why Lou Reed's "Venus in Furs" was included. I used to listen to Reed ("Sweet Jane," etc.) on this old live album incessantly! I definitely can hear his influence in Adam West. "Wrong-Way Ronnie" cooks - it's all punked out with a distorted bass, screaming vocals, cool feedback and the like. Enjoy!

By Mike Winters

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