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Review of Adam West "God's Gift to Women" CD in ErectionTour webzine - November 2003 (translated from Swedish)

Translated by Andreas Larsson; for original review go to link at bottom.

Adam West God's Gift to Women CD (People Like You Records)
Some bands are just great live and not on records or vice versa, but Adam West is NOT that kind of a band! The "God's Gift to Women" album is without a doubt on the top three list of this year's releases. Jake Starr, Dan-o Deckelman, Steve and Ben Brower have put together 13 songs that smell pure rock-n-roll. The song that kicks this record off is "Devilishly Handsome" and then it just keeps on going... maybe the tempo is slowing down on the acoustic "Second Sight" where Mr. Starr uses his voice in a smoother way. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that either.
The energy and tempo are, apart from that little sidetrack, wonderful where "There's a bimboo under my bed", "Eye to eye" and "Devilishly Handsome" are the main tunes. The only negative is that they don't manage to maintain the tremendous standard all the way through the record. It's not that the last songs aren't good, it's just that they're not AS good as the others...
Jake Starr is totally wicked all the way through and it's a shame that not more people acknowledge a great record like this. Life is strange sometimes... (9 outta 10 stars)
-Vinny Jones, ErectionTour, November 2003
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