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Review of Adam West records in Face Crimson zine #2 - September 2001

Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" (Fandango)
This is another great record from the man (Jake Starr) and his band (Adam West) from his label (Fandango.) Everything they do turns out to be so damn good! This is a fanclub 10" which is limited to 500 copies on shitbrown wax. It has six songs on it, three of them are covers from Mensen, AC/DC, and Thin Lizzy. I personally think that Adam West is one of the best rock bands from the States. Don't you dare miss this, there is no way you can be disappointed!!

Adam West "Piece of Ass" (With An X)
Like I said, you can't be disappointed when you listen to an Adam West record. This killer single contains two songs: "Piece of Ass" and "Iron Chain." It's great kickass rock-n-roll! Stop listening to disco music, you queer, and buy the whole Adam West back catalog!! Capiche?

Adam West "Right On!" (I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison)
I'm not gonna write anything this time, you probably know what I'm gonna write anyway. That's right . . . It's a great record and it will be out in the stores on September 10, 2001. Oh yeah, there's one thing I must tell you: On the European version there is an extra song. It's the great "Erotic Neurotic" by The Saints. And don't you dare miss them on their European tour!!! Over and out . . .

By Danne, Face Crimson Zine #2, September 2001.
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