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Review of Adam West records in Fracture Fanzine - October 2002

ADAM WEST - "Right On!" CD / 31:50
This label (the one with the most ridiculously bad but hilarious moniker) is pumping out a whole slew of releases if the amount we receive at Fracture is anything to go by, and I reckon (haha) I got the pick of the bunch with this motherfucker of sonically charged, hell almighty honest to badness ROCK! Of course and as predictable as it gets, if you design the sleeve to be looking all archetypical retro 70's with some busty bikini girl astride a big chopper, you are going to get my attention aswell. To picture a mean lookin' set of bad ass motherfuckers stood outside some midwest strip-joint will have the band captured no doubt in their element. A dozen cuts of sleaze and juiced up rock with a twist of head bangin'/neck breakin' garage apparel, lyrical waxings of pistol whippin' mamas and a liquor chuggin' porn appreciating swagger that fuels along like the riders of Easy Rider, ending with the finale of a SAINTS cover to wrap the leery show up. Right on! haha. (AP)
(I USED TO FUCK PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN PRISON, Bissenkamp 17, 44135 Dortmund, Germany)

ADAM WEST - "Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail" 7"
Nowhere near as cool but I'm slipping it in just so I can give ruse to the finely tuned curves of the chicks ass on the cover. 3 tracks, the title cut being a gnarlier version from one on the album and an averagely executed cover of the forgetful 'Where Eagles Dare". (AP)

ADAM WEST - "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" CD/ 55:41
The second ADAM WEST comp of 10"s, 7"s and comp tracks that¹s coming out this Summer to pair up with People Like You's sister collection. This one gathers the later stuff from 1999-2001, including the "Hi Balls" 10" and a bunch of other hard-rocking, nitro-fuelled, swaggering rock and fucking roll songs (although the complete lack of info supplied with this cheapskate shitty promo doesn¹t detail exactly where from). Consider the HELLACOPTERS rocking on a GLUECIFER trip with a little MISFITS as a liquor chaser. Suffice to say, this rocks, like Angus Young. (RR)
(Twenty Stone Blatt Records)
-Fracture Fanzine, October 2002

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