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French Fanzine S.D.Z. - May 1997

1) First of all, could you just introduce yourselves and give a brief history of the band....

Jake: I'm Jake Starr and I sing and spill water onstage. I started this band in late 1991 with a high school friend of mine playing guitar. I met up with Tom (the drummer) and we're the only original members. In June 1993, we released our first 7" single, "I Get a Sensation" b/w "Little Sister," and started our own label, Fandango Records. In September 1993, we released our first fan club single, a cover of the Misfits' "Cough/Cool." We started playing all over the northeast USA and got the attention of an Australian label who released the "Dance Session" 7" EP in 1994. At the end of 1994, the original line-up of ADAM WEST broke up and Tom and I found Steve (bass) and another guitar player. With that line-up, which lasted through 1995, we recorded "Beauty" and released that on a 7" in April 1996. Right before that, James joined as our new guitar player. In July 1996, we released fan club single #2, covers of the Misfits' "Halloween/She" and the Stooges' "Search & Destroy." Our new CD, "Mondo Royale," was released in April 1997 and that's about it.

James: I joined Spring '96.

Steve: Steve, joined band in Dec. '94, fucked shit up.

Tom: Black Label—over a century of brewing tradition.

2) What are your musical influences?

Jake: I grew up listening to hard rock like Kiss, Areosmith, and Led Zeppelin, then discovered punk rock in the late 70s. As far as my singing goes, I'm influenced by Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Glenn Danzig, and Roger Daltrey.

James: Yanni, Musical Youth.

Steve: Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Hendrix, Soundgarden, Damned, Dead Kennedys.

Tom: Playing drums sometimes.

3) How would you describe your sound?

Jake: We're a rock-n-roll band with punk influences: Stooges meets Soundgarden meets the Misfits.

James: Do you call it sound?

Steve: Loud.

Tom: Sloppy, but okay.

4) What's your favorite album from the Misfits?

Jake: "Walk Among Us" is incredible, but I think their unreleased album from 1978, "Static Age," is my fave.

James: "Cherry Cough Cold."

Tom: Jake's favorite.

5) What are the main differences between the DC scene and the NYC scene?

Jake: Both are very cliquey and elitist, but in NYC they appreciate rock-n-roll. Whereas in DC, everyone wants to sound like Fugazi.

James: Five-hour drive and yes.

Steve: DC sucks.

Tom: DC sucks. NY kinda sucks.

6) Could you describe shortly one of your show(audience,etc.)?

Jake: The show starts like a hot rod race: 150 mph from the first note! I whip the mic cord around and spill some water, James shakes his butt, Steve bends over almost to the floor, and Tom sweats more than the Pacific Ocean. Then, the audience fucking keels over.

James: My stuff gets unplugged and I sweat a lot.

Steve: Chaotic.

Tom: Jake drops a mic, I do a shot of Jack Daniels with Steve, then we go somewhere.

7) What about your record label?

Jake: I started Fandango Records in 1993 and have released 7 records so far, including the "4 Hits from Mars" Misfits tribute 7". The next record will be fan club single #3: probably a 3-song live 7" EP of one or our CBGBs shows.

James: It ain't mine.

Tom: What about our record label?

8) What do you think of the CBGB today?

Jake: Unfortunately, it doesn't have the punk rock appeal it had in the 1970s, but it's still a cool place to play. They have the best sound system on the East Coast.

James: It's a great place to meet, greet, and enjoy contemporary urban musical youth.

Steve: It's a real shithole; I feel right at home.

Tom: It's in New York; we made 50 bucks, I think.

9) What about your fan club?

Jake: We've released two fan club singles so far and have a third one coming this summer. People pay a one-time fee and I send them shit I have lying around like flyers, buttons, stickers, etc. We have some new t-shirts coming in soon, hopefully, and I'll send those out. Also, fan club members get first crack at our colored vinyl stuff.

James: I didn't hear anything about a fan club.

Tom: Yeah, Jake's dad brought us Kentucky Fried Chicken once.

10) Would you like to play in Europe anytime soon?What are your favorite european bands?

Jake: I would love to come to Europe right now and tour. It's so expensive to travel if you're not signed to a major label, but who knows? As far as European bands I like, I don't really know any other than the popular British bands on MTV. I was into a lot of the European garage bands in the 1980s, but I really don't know any now.

James: I love Europe and the bands are really great. They all have good ways to have good time. I enjoy tours sometime in future hopefully.

Steve: Love to play Europe.

Tom: Yes. Flock of Seagulls.

11) Why do you like Paris?

Jake: Paris rules. Awesome looking chicks and great record stores. That's all I need.

James: Because Henry Miller is my hero and Jerry Lewis is Jesus Christ.

Steve: Great atmosphere, the women.

Tom: It's not DC.

12) Any projects?

Jake: We're writing a lot of new stuff for our next CD. We've also got the next fan club single coming out soon.

James: No.

Steve: Writing songs for new album.

Tom: Cow drums.

13) What means S.D.Z(name of my zine) according to you?

Jake: Sucking Dicks Zealously. :-)

James: I'm sorry but I'm not familiar to with you.

Steve: Suzi Does Zebras.

Tom: Three letters that are the name of your zine.

Thanx a lot!! Sorry for my bad english!!

James: Sorry for my non-french.

Tom: It's okay.

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