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Another Review of "Fuzzy Logic" CD - January 1998

The world is full of bad compilation records. Hell, the used bins are full of bad compilation records! As an incessant bin-browser, I recognize that labels are constantly creating hodgepodges of songs by their acts and flooding radio stations with them. The jocks, of course, take them to the used record store when the shrink wrap is still warm, where they wallow through the depreciation process until they settle in at that under-$3 level. That's when people like me figure that for a price the worst that can happen is that I get a small piece of firewood, a Frisbee and a jewel case along with my major-label-only potpourri.

On the other hand, some labels issue compilations simply because they love the music. Greg Colburn's RPM USA label previously issued the you-gotta-get-it "Three Minute Revolution," a collection of pop songs. This time Colburn has tuned his radio dial way to the left and gathered up some great garage, fuzz and trash rock for your dining and dancing pleasure. BOMP and SUNDAZED fans will want to rush right out and grab this one -- twenty six stacks o'wax that will get you a speeding ticket in no time.

Kicking off with the growling "Full Grown Man" by Dragline, "Fuzzy Logic" doesn't stop cranking until 70 minutes later. Familiar names doing yeoman work include The Montgomery Cliffs (killer!), The Rockinghams (Jagger sings early Mott) and Love Nut's Max Mueller. There are few clunkers here--standouts include the Botswanas' funky "Soul Kiss", the Ramones-like "Beauty" by Adam West (you wish!) and the scorching instrumental "Crown, Cork & Stomp" by The Walkers. Perhaps my favorite cuts are The Piersons' "She's The Kind Of Girl" (a song that belongs on radio right now!) and the white trash opus "Double Wide" by Big Bad John. The bands are mostly from the USA, with others from as far away as Greece and Australia. Who says rock is dead?

What's as impressive as the music is the unselfish and altruistic nature of the label and its owner. Music lover that he is, Colburn includes contact addresses and phone numbers for the bands so that you can follow up directly with those who push your pedal to the metal. His aim with the compilations and the label, is to spread the word about great music that doesn't get the attention that it deserves. At $10 postpaid in the US and $14 for the rest of our world, I highly recommend that you invest in the cause. . . .

By Bill Holmes, January 1998

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