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Review of "Fuzzy Logic" CD in Music Monthly - March 1998

Various Artists
(RPM USA Records)

Ever wonder what the future of Rock is? At first, you might think this is a stupid question--I agree. While jack-asses like me sit around and ponder and critique music, real musicians go off making it. Original music is a brew of different styles, influences, and cultures: blues, folk, jazz (heck, look at all the white boys singing blues music). That's what's great about modern music and the new compilation of garage Rock called, "Fuzzy Logic."

With "Fuzzy Logic," RPM USA Records of Baltimore brings together twenty-six emerging rock talents by producers Greg Colburn and Jim Maher. Here is the playground for catchy guitar riffs, gutsy vocals, and rock rebels. Many of the collection's artists are local to the Baltimore-Washington area including Yak!, Bucket, The Walkers, Adam West, Garage Sale, The Beltways, and Cinnamon Toast. Surf music, punk, garage, rockabilly, call it what you like, but each of these songs stands on its own. Once again, my cinema-influenced-mind is thinking how I would use these tracks as background to a gripping road movie (not starring Harvey Keitel or Tim Roth -- unless they'll do cameos). This is a smart music packaging idea--why didn't I think of it?!

Some of the highlights here are Max Mueller's "Right Time," a Replacements-like romp complete with, yes, catchy guitar riffs. Surf pavement or suds along to The Walkers' "Crown,Cork and Stomp"--this would open my movie. "Double Wide," by Big Bad Johns, is a tribute to "a white-trash princess;" it reminded me of Mo Jo Nixon, but better. The Beltways singing "the guitar was a breakin' and my back was achin'" in "West Virginia Bound," a fun rocker. Latimer's "Citizen Jane" is a blues-rocker with Stones a influence. If you like surfin' in the Gulf of Mexico (or just your living room), you gotta hear Yak!'s "El Nino;" it's a Los Lobos lovers' dream with, yes, a catchy guitar riff. The Montgomery Cliffs' "Walk With Me" is a minute-and-fifty-four second air strike not even Saddam could survive. The Vermin's "Girl Says No" will rock your arse right off, speed-punk-rocking you like Joey and the boys did in the '70's and '8O's. Then Adam West's "Beauty" takes over where The Vermin left off--you're whipped up into a sweaty, convulsing lather by now. Things get a little "scary" with the X-Impossibles'"Murder Mystery" with spooky narrative and thumping back-beat. I fell under the seduction of The Botswanas' "Soul Kiss," whew, that sexy female voice with an attitude. WHFS listeners might recognize the song by Cinnamon Toast.

Guitar-rock fans will love this collection. Fans of the Beatles, The Clash, The Ramones, The early Who, anybody who ever left their rock signature behind, will love this. I could go on forever, better yet, click off the Comedy Channel, put down the remote, and go ask your local disc dealer about "Fuzzy Logic." I cannot be held responsible for any injuries or whiplash you experience due to listening and dancing to this record--I'd suggest clearing away all furniture and breakables first.

By Tim J. Nelson, Music Monthly, Issue 162, March 1998

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