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Review of "Fuzzy Logic" CD in the Baltimore City Paper - January 1998

In his liner notes for FUZZY LOGIC, the latest garage-rock comp from regional label RPM USA, label chief Greg Colburn rails against critical proclamations that we're living in a "postrock" era--as if such an evaluation permanently invalidates the three-chord, three-minute melodic stomp rock he dotes on. But then, garage rock has always been informed by an assumed outsider status--that's one of the things about the genre that has appealed to generations of fans, stretching back to the heady days of the Kinks' "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" Considering the wealth of hummable foot-tappers on display on FUZZY LOGIC, it doesn't appear that Colburn really has much to worry about.

As on RPM's 1996 "three-minute revolution" comp, the bands represented on this CD hail from all over the place, and include frequent out-of-town visitors to Baltimore such Adam West (the driving, punkish "Beauty") and the Montgomery Cliffs (the dark and desperate "Walk With Me"). But there is also a healthy sampling of local acts for local fans to get excited about. In addition to Cinnamon Toast's snot-pop bubble "The Astrid Tangle" and the Beltways' rollicking "West Virginia Bound," the Walkers and Love Nut guitarist Max Mueller each kick in a surf-psych [tune], and Garage Sale puts the cherry on the damn thing with the closing "One More Time," a doofy, organ-fueled, Music-Machine-y stomp that says more in its own inarticulate way about garage rock's eternal, head-bobbing appeal than words--Colburn's or anyone's--ever could.

By Lee Gardner, Baltimore City Paper, January 1998

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