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Many reviews of Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" CD in various UK publications - June 2002

Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" (Twenty Stone Blatt)
Holy Sheep Dip, Batman! There is som pretty hi-flying, hi-rolling 60s garage-style stuff going on here. 20SB are re-releasing the out-of-print "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" 10" with additional singles and rarities to create a 20-song package covering the band's hyperactive output over the last few years. Most of these tracks are available on CD for the first time. A few originals and lots of covers like AC/DC's "Sin City," Thin Lizzy's "Cold Sweat," and Samhain's "Kiss of Steel" are all given the hard rocking Adam West treatment. (7/10)
--Marion Garden, Terrorizer #99, June 2002

Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" (Twenty Stone Blatt)
Compilation culled from single and album releases. "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" is not, unfortunately, a solo album from the actor of the same name who played Batman in the 60's TV series, but rather a fun helping of highly distorted rock-n-roll. It doesn't take long to suss out where Adam West are coming from either - one look at the track listing that includes cover songs by AC/DC, Cream, Black Sabbath, The Stooges, Radio Birdman and The Ramones tells all. Even Adam West's own material sounds just like an amalgamation of their favourite bands, albeit with an extra helping of AC/DC on the side. Don't expect anything inventive or intelligent, this is music that either wants to fuck you or fight you, and thats pretty much it. (KKK)
--James Sherry, Kerrang!, May 2002

Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" (Twenty Stone Blatt)
Fine idea ADAM WEST - naming your band after the star of the definitive Batman series/film, but then think about it - BURT WARD wouldn't be a bad band tag, or even CAESAR ROMERO . . . but MICHAEL KEATON?? Do me a favour. Where were we . . . oh yeah, ADAM WEST, Washington D.C. RocknRollers of some note, and second only in recent times to ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN in the singles and splits released department. This disc collects a load of cuts from the aforementioned plastic, and tags 'em up with a bunch of covers ­ AC/DC, STOOGES, SONICS RENDEZVOUS, RAMONES, RADIO BIRDMAN, FLAMIN' GROOVIES and more, sure gives you an idea of the sounds they get their kicks from. 20 tracks in all . . . yeah, get rolling!
--Pete Craven, Fracture, May 2002

Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" (Twenty Stone Blatt)
OK so there's too many bands taking influences from the seminal pre-punk Detroit/New York bands these days. I agree to the point where I wanna jab a spoon in my eye every time I hear a band that think all you have to do is beat a half-assed Stooges riff to death wearing Ramones t-shirts. But when a band does it right there's no greater sound to a punk rock fuckwit's ears (unless it's Joan Jett saying "Of course I can still cook chips with that in my mouth"). After eleven years and many line-up changes AW know how to do it right. They reside slightly more on the rock side of the fence, but this is a superb comp of various singles, including twelve covers (Radio Birdman, Black Sabbath, Damned, AC/DC, Ramones) that show exactly where they're coming from. (3.5/5)
--Paul Raggity, Rocksound, May 2002

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