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Review of Adam West records in Long Gone Loser zine - September 2001

Adam West "Piece of Ass / Iron Chain" 7"er ­ W.A.X.
Two more rockers from Adam West, the band that have a discography of 7"ers longer than the length of John Holmes' cock! If you're not hooked on AW or the sex appeal of singer Jake Starr, then stop wanking right now, grab some cash, plonk it in the mail and write away for a copy. Mine even came on gold vinyl!

The Hellacopters / Adam West "Stab Your Back / Neat Neat Neat" split 7"er ­ Fandango
Two years in the making and it's finally here for the taking! But get it quick . . . it's limited to 666 copies and 100 come on purple wax. Yay's all around. A great record and a great tribute to the Damned. Both bands put in kick ass versions and I never thought I'd say this, but as much as I love the 'Copters, Adam West won this round!

Adam West "Hi-Balls Are Rolling!" 10"er ­ Fandango
Fuck yeah! Six kick-ass pearlers from Washington's Adam West and this is probably 6 of their best songs, even though 3 are covers. But they do them with such guts and power that they could easily be AW songs. I mean, we got Mensen's "Cruiser," a ripper of AC/DC's "Sin City," and Thin Lizzy's "Cold Sweat" all roaring off this shit-coloured brown wax. The opening track, "Hi-Ball," is a short sharp blast of a rock-n-roll powerhouse that you need to have as part of your collection to impress your friends. Man, seriously if you're not hip to AW then get off your ass and get this cos it's limited to a measily 500 copies! Trust me, these guys play both kinds: rock AND roll. As a special bonus, you get top-notch cover artwork by Dirty Donny.

By Damo, Long Gone Loser #5, September 2001.
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