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Lyrics - "God's Gift to Women" CD/LP

© 2003 Jake Starr / Fandango

"God's Gift to Women"

Adam West "God's Gift to Women": A Behind the Music Look at the Silly Lyrics of Jake Starr (feature in Danish webzine LOWCUT)

Devilishly Handsome

I'm a two-tub man and there's nothing you can do about it
I'm a three-time freak and there's nothing you can say to doubt it
I can go for broke while the walls come tumbling down
And I can have a smoke while the girl starts going to town

I'm a pistol man and there's nothing you can say to move me
I'm a full-time rock and there's nothing you can do but choose me
I can raise the sail until the last wind's tuckered out
And I can 'round the world until the north pole meets the south

Lord I'm a handsome man
And I live my life the only way I can
Good lord I'm a handsome man
It'd do you good to follow my master plan

Trying to Be a Man in a Woman's World

I've had crazy feelings since things went bad
They've taken over everything we had
I know she feels it cuz I feel it too
And I know this baby talk's gonna break her heart in two
Well it's worked before
So why the hell did it fail?

Cuz they never understand
That I'm trying to be a man in a woman's world

The amazons here keep us in line
They keep us docile but they look so fine
I know my muscles make her uptight
But I know this baby talk's gonna make her feel alright
Well it's worked before
So why the fuck did it fail?

This planet's theirs, boy
This I know is true
They'll let you visit
But it'll never belong to you
I do the best I can each and every day
But it feels like I'm living in a YWCA

Gets Me Off

Raw power in the middle of the night
You're dirty talking and I'm feeling alright
Full throttle and I'm ready to go
Come up and see me
Down with the tights and off with the dress
Never sleeping never get any rest
They think I'm sleazy cuz I get excited
It was so easy to be here invited

And it gets me off everytime

Brown, blonde, red . . . I don't care
It doesn't matter when I'm stroking her hair
Short skirt and the go-go boots
That small image is enough and I'm ready to shoot

Sexual addiction
Got a monkey on my back
Got you in my sights now


I threw a party and everybody came around
Then I got to thinking who was gonna keep me down
You started talking and talked yourself outta breath
I had a mind to take you . . . take you out to your death

Hey hey don't say you'll stick around for another day
Hey hey don't say we'll work it out in another way

I got everybody around in a talk circle
You kept on blabbing about everything but the girl
I pulled out a wishbone and said, "Make a wish . . . make a bet"
I got the bigger half yeah now I want you to eject away

I want away from you

Second Sight

Why are you running away on such a sunny day?
Why are you living alone?
You're scared down to the bone

Did you enjoy your stay?
A hefty price to pay
I had to give you a sign cuz you were so outta line

I've got the whole rest of my life to do it
I've got the gift of second sight to see through it
I know I've never been so high then you blew it
I've got the whole rest of my life to do it

All I've got is a busy dialtone
All I've wrought is the least of what you've sown
You were the one that watched the sinking stone
One plus one never meant you'd be alone

Eye to Eye

I know the things that you're thinking
And I know them all very well
While you watch the burning ship sinking
And I'll have it all to tell

Gonna leave it to you

One two three were the things that I wanted
And books of empty verse were the things that I got
How can you wonder why I feel disgruntled?
After all those years to be left with naught

When do you think enough's enough?
You can't spread love with a cough

Eye to eye and failure comes my way
Seems I've been let down another day
Eye to eye when all is said and done
Where were you when I was on my own?

There a Bimboo Under My Bed

I went down to Helsinki City
That's where I met a little woman and she sure was looking fine
She said, "Hello, I'm an Ultra Bimboo.
I lost my bag in the lobby and I sure need to spend the night."

Now I've got her alone in my room
The morning always comes too soon

There's a Bimboo under my bed
She's cutting loose now . . . She's outta her head
But I loved her right from the start
She stole my American heart
She stole my American heart

I said, "Hey, baby, what's your pleasure?"
She said, "I like it under here and I'll soon drift off to sleep."
I said, "Yeah? But how about some leisure?"
She said, "I like it under here cuz I won't get in too deep."

There's a ring . . . It's the hotel lobby
"Sir, you've got a young Finnish woman in your room and is all alright?"
I said, "Sure, but I'm a little hungry.
Send up a 3-piece dinner and we'll all just call it a night."

God's Gift to Women

They call me god's gift to women
And I think it's well-deserved
You can't question all my abilities
Until you've had your turn

There's no stopping when I'm in your head
And no time to make my bed
No fast love in the lavatory when you hook up with me

They call me god's gift to women
And I come from pedigree
You'll only find golden apples
Hanging on my family tree

Good god I can hear you humming
While you climb that mountain peak
Good god I can feel you strumming
I know what you seek
Good god I can see you rising
The pressure's building up inside your head
Good god I can feel you writhing
Cuz you're jacked like a VU meter in the red

Hotsy Totsy

Well I never got down with this thing called love
And I never saw the light from the blessed above
You're always on the phone when I come your way
But you're knocking me out every single day
Well I never got hyped up in seconds flat
And I never got a chance to swing my bat
Making me climb to the top of the pile
Yeah you're shaking that thang like it's goin' outta style

Hotsy Totsy
Are you gonna lose it?
Hotsy Totsy
Aww, don't let me go

Well I never knew lightning could've struck like that
And I never knew traffic would've stopped so fast
Swinging those hips from left to right
You're pushing it two steps past outtasight

The Future's on My Side

I've got tomorrow
And you can try
I've got tomorrow
And I'll pass you by

You wanna please me
You wanna tease me
You've gotta stomp me into the ground
You're still hoping to push the dope in
And expect me to not make a fucking sound

I've got tomorrow
You can try but you're never gonna get it
I've got tomorrow
You can try but you won't upset it
You deal in sorrow
Good-bye and don't try to follow
Cuz I've got tomorrow
And you're stuck today

You wanna hold me
You wanna scold me
You wanna stop and start from scratch
Well I'm no dummy
You've taken from me
And now you've found your fucking match

The future's on my side
And you can't stop me
The future's on my side
Don't try to drop me
"C'mon and join the ride"
That's what I hear you say
As I pass another day

Center Stage

I know you're coming
I've got it all laid out for you
(Always on your own)
Undivided attention
I see you only yes it's true
(Never be alone)

But when I walk into a room
I've gotta be all the rage
I've gotta be center stage

Come a little closer
This time I'll leave it all behind
(Always on your own)
Awww you can trust me
How could I lie to you with a smile?
(Never be alone)

But when I walk into a room
I can't feel the praise too soon
And then I break out of my cage
I've gotta be all the rage
I've gotta be center stage

The Floozy

Ever wake up early in the morning and you didn't know which bed you're in?
Then you go to work trying to make a living and trying to avoid a sin
Well this chick's for you, bub
She revs you up
She gets you so overloaded that you think you'd fill the Stanley Cup

Oh yeah I want that floozy again
Cuz she's rocking it out the best she can
Oh yeah I need that floozy again
Cuz she makes me feel like a younger man

Ever look down right in the middle and you think you're giving it your all?
Then you try to do a fast maneuver and it ends up all over the wall
Well this girl is precious
She never fails
She's got me so unbalanced that I can't tell heads from tails

Morg or Eymorg?
You have to ask?
Hey trekkie, get up off your ass!

In the Back of My Hearse (lo-fi)

I move on up and I move on down
I'll move you all around this town
But I always cum first in the back of my hearse

Pick up the phone when you're alone
I'm on my way to pluck the seeds I've sown

I'll make you shake and I'll make you quake
I'll keep you up so long for goodness sake
But I always cum first in the back of my hearse

Gonna make you move
Gonna make you groove
The sinbin's always on the move

Got loving style
That extra mile
I'll leave you satisfied and with a smile
But I always cum first in the back of my hearse

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