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Lyrics - "Power to the People" CD/LP

© 2005 Jake Starr / Fandango


Livin' fast in the heart of the city
Hard steel and I take no pity
You slink by and you act so giddy
I come alive cuz you look so pretty
I'm all alone but I feel alright now

We get high and you seem so with it
We get down and I punch your ticket
You can't walk cuz I really overdid it
I'm all alone but I'm taking flight now

Here's the scoop
I'm bulletproof
And it's the truth you're looking for

I start slow with a back and forth motion
That I learned from my years on the ocean
A fine wine and a secret love potion
Come aboard for some real locomotion
I'm all alone but I feel alright now

One time and they think I'm lazy
Two times and it gets them crazy
Three times and you're more than a lady
I'm all alone but I'm taking flight now

Had to get downtown to see what the kids were fighting for
No matter what the fellas give the chicks want more
This is no concern of mineā€¦ hope you understand
Cuz your words bounce off my chest like Superman


You're beautiful when I come around
You cast a spell and I'm on the ground
You're a scarlet witch
And you want me to get on down
But I'll do it for you cuz I'm in love

I weep alone and I need a fix
You saunter in around a quarter to six
You're a scarlet witch
And you want me to pick up sticks
But I'll do it for you cuz I'm in love

Vex me hex me
Intersect me
And then you interject me
You always oversex me
Vex me hex me
You impress me
I chill as you undress me
Your magic makes a mess of me

You're quite the rogue with all the men you bind
I catch a smile cuz you know you've blown my mind
You're a scarlet witch
And my soul's no longer mine
But I'll do it for you cuz I'm in love


We were on the outside when the news came down
The sun was rising on this German town
Those right-wing fuckers stole another win
Their fascist tactics turn our gold to tin

You don't know what to do?
The light is shining through
Power to the People is our call
You don't know what to say?
Well they'll never get in our way
Power to the People for us all

We were on the inside when they took our rights
Their unchecked evil has reached fatal heights
They trade our blood and souls for oil crude
The voice of many is our strongest fortitude

51% is not a mandate (Don't you believe it, Dubya)

Power to the People


We crossed the border into the lovely land of Spain
We're looking for one thing and it ain't rain on the plain
This tour's been brutal and we need some sweet relief
But no one thought the slope would be so fucking steep

Gimme a bed or gimme a bullet
Times are low but dontcha think we know it
We're high as fuck
I hope we don't blow it
So gimme a bed or gimme a bullet

We slide behind the bar. . . the first batch goes right down
Now Dan-o's at the DJ booth and he's chopping up the mound
Next it's the girls' room where we all decide to meet
Why is he so fucking tall?
He's on the toilet seat

We got caught in a storm
A snowstorm in Benidorm
It's not outta the norm for the creatures there
Somos borrachos. . . machos gazpachos
We're high as fuck but we don't care!

Steve's outside rambling while I'm hiding under the sheets
Dan-o's in a taxicab squirming in his seat
Ben's probably snoozing cuz he did not partake
In the copious pile of that unholy flake

It's almost noontime and I still can't get no rest
I've got a mine field exploding in my chest
I stumble outside and lo what do I see
Our van's a-rocking. . . yeah, it's Mister Connery


Love is the greatest sound when I come around
I've got a heart that's here to stay
Got a hand that'll make your day
But you testified that you didn't know me anyway

Love got a hold of her and then she'd start to purr
I've got a heart that made her sing
Got a hand that made her sting
Then she testified that I taught the woman everything

Cuz I'll take my time
Get my ducks in line
And bring you back to primal feelings now
Don't hesitate
There's no time to waste
When I'm on the case I'll get it right

Love got the best of you
And all I did was see it through
I took a well-cured honey ham
Mixed it up with the Son of Sam
Marinated four hours under desert sand

Trapped in a prison of your own devise
Heed my words and my advice

She loves the way I love her (Cuz I know what to do)


I'm trying to tell you something
I'm trying to let you know
I see the writing on the wall
I'm trying to get your attention
I'm trying to go go go
Cuz my engine's headed for a stall
I've got the good intention
To hit the motherload
Without your lips I will explode

I'll climb the walls until you kiss me
I'll climb the walls until you're near
You shot an arrow but it missed me
Come end my ever-crippling fear

I'm like a headless zombie
I'm like a caboose train
I'm like an ocean in the rain
You didn't know your power
My heart goes bang bang bang
And now you've left me here to hang
I've got the good intention
To hit the motherload
Without your lips I will explode


I've got the brains and I've got the brawn
I've got the good looks and I've got the charm
I'm gonna tell it to the world I'll make lots of money
That's right, honey
I've gotta shout it to the world
When the sun comes up and the moon goes down
I'll be riding your ass all over town

I've got a freeway right to your heart
And I push your buttons right from the start
And I've got a fat bag from dusk to noon
And I'll make you snowblind in the month of June

I'm gonna tell it to the world I'll make lots of money
That's right, honey
I've gotta shout it to the world
When I snap my fingers and the planets align
You'll become my permanent valentine

Megalomania is my only vice
It makes my loving twice as nice


Gonna keep the pressure on
As I strive to reach the sky
Gonna keep on keepin' on
As I attain the highest high
And I climb the mountain

Gonna get the timing right
As I blow the clouds away
You've been left without a fight
You've been left in a hollow grave
I see you stumbling
I see you tumbling
Gonna keep the pressure on
Until I get that high

I hit the zenith
And you can't reach it
I'm calling all the shots for you
I'm catching all the buzz from you

I see you stumbling
I see you tumbling
I see you struggling
I see you fail


He's probably coming after you
Hey little baby. . . he's getting crazy
He's got a saber built for two

He's cutting throats
He's chopping feet
He's breaking legs all around (you're going down)
He's slitting throats
He's crushing feet
He's snapping legs in every town

He said to Romy, "Why dontcha blow me?"
She wasn't having any fun
He wants to savor that killing flavor
And he won't stop until he's done

Hey little baby. . . he's getting crazy
No matter what age. . . he's on a rampage


Lost im Ost and I'll never find my way back home
And it looks like I'm toast cuz the band ain't picking up the phone

She's getting me wasted
Pouring drinks down my eager throat
And I'm hoping to taste it
Cuz I see she's starting to gloat
She's dragging me all over
Every tranny bar. . . every town
And I'm thinking I've had it
Cuz with every single move she's shooting me down
Do it!

She's left me abandoned
Left me alone for the tranny bar
I'm trying to get a handle
How I got so screwed so far
I'm taking issue
Your cat-and-mouse and crap like that
Hey, there's a tissue
I wonder what I'll do with that?
I'll get off!


Who wants to take a look?
Who is an open book?
Who's got a tragic touch?
Who likes to keep it rough?

Little eyeball
You wanna see it?
I'll spread 'em, too
Cuz when you get down to the real nitty gritty
It winks back at you

Gets me every time
Who crosses every line?
Who thinks he's powerful?
Whose life is fucking dull?

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