Essay from Adam West "Grassy Knowl" EP bootleg
Adam West released their first fan club single in September 1993 on Fandango Records in Washington, D.C., 3 months after their debut 7" came out. It was a one-sided 7" with a cover of the Misfits ultra-rare first single "Cough/Cool." Recorded in one take by the original line-up of Adam West, "Cough/Cool" was to shock the underground music scene since no one had ever covered this Misfits song (and as of April 2000, no one has since!). This single was pressed in a strictly limited pressing of 108 copies on green vinyl. One hundred copies came with a simple black and white insert with the band name, members, and Fandango Records address. The remaining 8 copies had a mock sleeve of the original Misfits "Cough/Cool" sleeve done up by Adam West singer Jake Starr. These were passed around to band members and friends. Needless to say, the single sold out in a matter of weeks after one advertisement in MaximumRocknRoll magazine. Last heard, the single fetched $60 in an Australian record auction.
What you have in your hand is an unauthorized "reissue" of Adam West's "Cough/Cool" single backed with an unreleased take of an original song, "Love Like A Stone." Adam West re-recorded "Love Like A Stone" in 1994 for inclusion on the "Capitol Crisis" compilation CD on Cyclops Records. This original version of the song is right outta the archives, brother!
So dig it: This single is limited to 300 copies, tripling the original pressing. Maama Jaama Record is proud to release this rock-n-roll gem! Glenn Danzig would be proud!
-- Reston J. Burgess, Rock Critic