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Review of Adam West "13 de luxe" CD in Mental Magazine - July 1999

Their bio says it best: "Take two parts STOOGES, one part BLACK SABBATH, one part MISFITS, a touch of KISS, and pepper it with the best 60s garage punk and you've got ADAM WEST" These guys remind me of a kick ass upbeat American version of the HEADSTONES. Aside from music, I'd bet my money on ADAM WEST over HEADSTONES in a no holds barred fight, though I'm thinking you'd find these guys too busy getting' down with the T&A-let's not forget the pussy, at a strip club after performing a kick ass set, then brawlin'. Listenin' to the pro production of "13 deluxe", you can hear the high level of effort/energy these guys are lettin' loose, and you just know that ADAM WEST are the real deal of hard workin' musicians, playin' their breed of old school R&R the way it should be. Their big garage rock punk sound is sure to blow the roof of any garage, and cause a R&R riot. The buzz these guys got goin' is well deserved, and I can only believe greater success for them is not far off. On a sillier note, track two's on this CD's called ".357" and they have a funny WHEEL OF FORTUNE theme song riff sound happenin'.

By Brado, Mental Magazine, July 1999

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