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No Tequila Zine Review of "Mondo Royale" - February 1998

ADAM WEST-Mondo Royale

This 14 song debut full length by one of D.C.'s coolest new bands packs a nostalgic non-non-punk rock self-assured punch to the listener's expectations. I found Adam West via a punk band listing on the Web though I was warned by lead singer Jake Starr that AW was NOT punk rock, did not try to BE punk rock, and was burned out on the label. Adam West (the original TV Batman ) is fronted by Jake Starr, the self proclaimed "Rock Starr" of the group. Jake concedes that with his last name it was only natural he have a high profile job, and when the choice came to music or being a porno star he opted for the prior. (Though he has been known to play a set while exposing his family jewels after his pants ripped during the first song.) Jake's voice echoes a breath of Jim Morrison sans the wasted sloppiness of a drug & alcohol addict. Jake rarely drinks anymore which he attributes to the aging process that keeps him from recovering as quickly as he used to. James Marlowe's guitars have a tendancy to relive the Starsky and Hutch era of the 70's legends circa Iron Butterfly or Foghat. It works well in Adam West. I'm not sure how they do it but the tunes rock instead of inheriting the 70's cheesiness I grew up with. Steve (just "Steve") contributes a "mondo" supportive bass line that portrays enough control to pull the whole band together. Cleaning up on drums is Tom Barrick and he rocks! He trades off being sublime with cutting the net and running loose all over the songs and it adds a distinctive edge that pulls the guys away from any standard label. Punk . . . no. Rock . . . yes. And don't let anyone tell you anything different.

By jeNn bounds, No Tequila Zine #2, February 1998

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