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Reviews of several Fandango releases in Australian magazine "Off the Hip" - March 2001

A-Bombs / Turpentines - 2 x 7" Split (Fandango / Nomad)
Here we go! A double dose of the power of 2 of Sweden's heavy weight rock champions. In the blue corner are the A*Bombs delivering 3 motor city inspired blasts. 'Satisfaction Got No Friend' on the A-side digs deep into the vat of power riffage. Hellacopters BEWARE !!!! The tracks on the B-side continue the onslaught. In the red corner are The Turpentines. A little different to The A-Bombs but not to bad in their own right. A little more under produced sounding. A lot more RAW. These guys aren't as rock sounding on this one as other releases I've heard of them. A bit more garage with that Aussie oomph. Overall this is a pretty cool release so get in quick as it's LTD to 500 copies.

The Hymans - A Great Night For A Burglary 7" (Fandango)
If ya like the Ramones ya really have to listen to this band. This is the closest ya gonna get unless you buy one of the Ramones albums. These guys are WILD!!!! I have one of their earlier albums, & going by this release nothing has changed. Still as good as ever. Fast 3 chord melodic punk rock. Fandango Records have a real good 7" on their hands here. And only 500 copies .... So be ultra quick, or ya gonna miss a real beauty here.

The Meat Joy / Mensen - split 7" (Fandango)
Here's an all girl shootout. First up is The Meat Joy who hail from Washington D.C. These 5 ladies have definitely been listening to their Blondie albums. The vocals in parts kinda reminds me of EARLY Siouxsie & the Banshees (ala punk era) meets Blondie & the music sounds like a revved up new wave band gone punk rock. It's pretty damn good stuff. Hopefully they've got more releases coming. On the flip side we have another great all girl band. Mensen who hail from Scandinavia. I don't have a real lot to say about this one apart from anything the girls do is FANTASTIC. They can do no wrong. Just get it for this exclusive track. Ltd to 500.

Powder Monkeys / Adam West - Split 7" (Fandango)
All you good folk should have heard of the Powder Monkeys. They are Australia's #1 R&R merchants, blowing the minds of audience's world wide these days. After numerous releases on Dog Meat & a swag of stuff around the globe, comes this great split 7" with Washington D.C.'s Adam West. The Powder Monkey's give us a version of Black Sabbath's "The Wizard", that'll even have Ozzy & Co shaking in their boots. This is FEROCIOUS R&R at it's most awesome. Originally released on the Kill The Moonlight soundtrack, but this is how ya need it. On gleaming black wax. Flip this sucker over & ya got the Fandango Records' in house band. Jake & the lads offer us a version of The Stooges' "Real Cool Time". How does it rate ? Well, it blows the needle right off the Richter scale. Wah-wah overload heaven. Adam West have been around for some time now, & are gaining the recognition they rightfully deserve. Take a listen to this & you'll see why !

Various - Flattery ... A Tribute To Radio Birdman Pt2 CD (Fandango/Nomad)
Part 2 is here in this great tribute album series. All these killer bands of today paying tribute to this IMMORTALISED legendary Aussie band. What a lineup. Gluecifer, BellRays, Silver Tongued Devil, Nomads, Sator, Nitwitz, Demons & a bunch of others & Australian bands The Yes-Men, The Spoilers & The Finkers. Tribute albums generally suck big time, but THIS is no ordinary tribute album. This thing is RED HOT R&R at it's best. You hear this one, & I bet ya will be getting vol 1 as well. Seriously ya got to hear this one. The bands appearing is a good enough reason, & then of course ya got the 'Birdman factor. Great Nicke Royale cover art as well.

All reviews written by MrB

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