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Review of Some Singles - September 1996

. . . and for the musical portion of our program, here we have Adam West in honor of the namesakes b'day entertaining us all with a little dignified screaming and rocking.

I was delighted to see the Adam West singles Jake gave me all on colored vinyl. Thats a plus right there. The first one I listened to was the fan club single, covers of Misfits songs 'Halloween' segued real cute with 'She' and flip it and you got 'Search and Destroy' done a fuckalot better than those Chili Peppers. (hey I like em, i like em too) The coolest thing about the Danzig songs is that the band does its own thing, a real Stoogesoid/Detroitish sorta crunchy sound, with Jake's subtle gritty howl performing vocal duties real fine, thank you! The segue previously spoke of is a cool little countoff "1-2-X-U!" a treat for all you Wire fans who also are Misfitsophiles. :)

Next we got the older stuff, 'Dance Session' on purple/fuschia vinyl and nice handlettering on the label. Three originals -all real danceable in a Kiss sorta way-and a FAB cover of 'Vehicle' by the Ides of March who were a one hIt wonder from maybe 69/70 in that Rare Earth/BST white boys with horn section and funky rhythm school. I bought that single my self with my earliest babysitting money!

Its good to hear a band from DC that rocks, not yells. I hear from Jake that they get shit from the Dischord crowd that they're 'rock stars.' well god fuckin bless em. I'm personally tired of that gas station attendant look. Put some makoup on boys! Cant hurt, might help!

Unless you're the Ramones I mean. Not them. And that too.

Ok now we got the new one, a 7" on white vinyl one side only, the other side has Bubblegum Santa Claus or something, I haven't listened to that yet. It's another good rock song. Williamson-ish guitar, Tyneresque vocals, yup yup its Detroit in the 70's all over again! a song about a girl and lovin her up, it's good to hear that too and not "i hate your mommy" or 'the president is a poophead' or 'get out of Albania cause King Zog is mad'. or worse yet, 'be like me cause l dont have any fun'. Okay the song is called "Beauty~ and it sorta reminds me of Deep Purple a little, but then it reminds me of the Stooges more. Cause they're American. But you know, it has a real "Fireball" feel to it. Get it. Got it? Good.


By Patricia Ragan Hoehner (Denmother), September 1996, Misfits Bible

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