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Review of Adam West "Right On!" CD in Splendid - February 21, 2002

Adam West "Right On!" CD (The Telegraph Company)
Parents complain that Adam West songs inspire heavy drinking and dirty sex, but they could be so much more specific. Right On! inspires to you have mad drunken fucks in the throbbing middle of winter on the back seat of a soft tail Harley Davidson. It is fun, sweaty music of the Dictators variety, with vocals all adrenaline and machismo. The attitude of the delivery matches the attitude of wrestlers before a match in an Oklahoma town. Guitars and drums rush to the finish line, leaving no time for subtle shades and melancholy hues; the band just wants to cut to the chase, then split for the strip clubs!
Though the vocals are basically there to paint in the cartoon portraits of misfit nymphs, Jake Starr goes at them like Phil Mogg toward a power ballad, so that overriding memories of the music are not merely about how much fun it was, but how strong, and muscular and addictive. You may have just a single cunt allusion separating one song from another, but each is a gem on whose back you can ride. Oh, lovely daughter of Vince McMahon, let this band's melodies impregnate ya!
--Theodore Defosse, Splendid, February 21, 2002

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