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Many reviews of the Adam West/No-Counts split CD "Trailer Oriented Rock" - late 2003 (in English and Portuguese)

Adam West/No Counts- Trailer Oriented Rock (Sleazey)
Sleazey Records continue their rather swank series of split EP's with this two-fer fulla DC boogie thunder and Portuguese...well, thunder boogie. Howzat for consistency? First up, road warriors and rock n' roll swagger kings Adam West strut their stuff for 5 smokin', arena rocking tracks, capped off with a rough n' ready take on "I Stole Your Love", perhaps KISS's only truly bad ass song (Well, ok, "God of Thunder" was kinda bad ass too). The full-on cock rock rager of 'em all, however, is "Beltway to My Heart", a slam-bang fuckfest of flash metal licks and Jake Starr's signature cigarette rasp. Bitchin'. Side two (well, in a better world it would be; track 6 in this digital age) features Portugal's own raunch n' roll saviors The No-Counts, who lay down another five tracks' worth of punk-fried AC/DC crunch and swivel-hipped garage rawk. Production is a little thin on these tracks, so they lack a bit of the gut-punch wham-a-lam they oughta have, but the sleaze always shines through, daddy-o. Dig 'em out-Datsun the Datsuns on "Radiation from Hell", and marvel at the Rolling Stoner Rock of their ramshackle versh of "Jumping Jack Flash". Or just freak-freely on the spiraling cock n' roll of blistering closer "Valhalla on the Rocks". Whatever ya want to do, man. Just get it, cuz it's action packed. Oh yeah, and throw in a few bonus points for hijacking Boston's neon UFO for the cover, too. Lord knows they ain't using it.

A split-CD that makes on one one side the very big discography of the Rock'n'Roll bigmouths from Washington D.C. growing. ADAM WEST delivers bad-ass rock with the ability for the killerriff as they are used to. That's what they do best and how it should be. It get's really interesting in the second part. The NO-COUNTS D.O.M. seems to be real rockers and a big number in Portugal. Their music is mean Rock'n'Roll for real men and their messages ("Get down on your knees and save one prayer for R'n'R") are meant (ATTENTION JOKE!) very serious. Musicwise the right bands found together for this release. But what's most important for collectors: most of the songs are unreleased and as a extra gag there are covers of KISS and the ROLLING STONES which would make them turn around in their graves, when they would hear what these guys made with their hits.
Christian Meiners OX-Magazine # 54 (I/2004)

ADAM WEST/NO COUNTS DOCTRINE OF MAYHEM "Trailer Oriented Rock" (Sleazey Records) Split CD
ADAM WEST, as everybody knows, are the kings of american high-octane rock'n'roll, and I like'em better than the other Scandinavian bunch of macho rockers because their sound is more rooted into the real 70s american hard rock tradition than anybody else's. These 5 songs show what made them famous, nothing more and nothing less. Like GRAND-FUNK if they took amphetamines and listened to the NEW YORK DOLLS. The other band on this split CD is NO COUNTS, Portuguese rockers fronted by Sicko, Sleazey Records' owner. The genre and musical inspirations are pretty much the same as ADAM WEST, but probably I like'em better on this CD. The recording is more dirty and reminds me of some deranged AC/DC early outfit with infectious choruses and melodies. "Electric Church" is a really cool song, and these guys know how to violate their respective instruments. They also cover the ROLLING STONES and pull out a good job. If you like this kind of stuff, you can't miss this CD, since if it hooked me, It will kill you.
(Maio 2004 //

ADAM WEST (EUA) / THE NO-COUNTS D.O.M. (Por) Trailer Oriented Rock Split CD'03 • Sleazey Records
Para um split com uma desconhecida banda portuguesa, através de uma editora que está a dar os seus primeiros passos, seria fácil pensar que os Adam West disponibilizariam alguns temas que tivessem sobrado das sessões de "God's Gift To Women". Na verdade, não encontro nenhuma malha no álbum tão fixe como "We’ve Got Cake". Isto não são sobras, meus amigos, são grandes temas de uma das melhores bandas de Rock N’ Roll dos EUA. A três inéditos junta-se "Beltway To My Heart" e uma versão do clássico dos Kiss "I Stole Your Love" – excelente!! A prestação dos No-Counts começa com a irresistível "Electric Church" e estes não deixam os seus créditos por mãos alheias. São 4 temas originais bastante enérgicos e com grande personalidade que demonstram porque são os No-Counts uma banda a ter em conta. Tal como os Adam West, também Sicko No-Count e compª homenagearam um dos grandes do Rock N' Roll, através de "Jumpin' Jack Flash" dos imortais Stones. Uma digna representação nacional num disco de grande qualidade. 4,2 RA
(JAN. 2004 / UNDERWORLD Nº12 – )

ADAM WEST/THE NO-COUNTS DOCTRINE OF MAYHEM Trailer Oriented Rock (Sleazey Records)
Vencedores do prémio Washington Area Music Association Wammie Award em 1998, 1999, 2000 e 2001 na categoria de melhor colectivo de Hard Rock, os norte-americanos Adam West (sim, são uma banda e não um artista a solo) assinam uma longa discografia, entre álbuns, EP's, singles e split-CDs. Formados no início da década passada, incluem ainda no curriculum várias digressões, inclusive na Europa. O agrupamento de Jake Starr (voz), Dan-o Deckelman (guitarra), Steve (baixo) e Ben Brower (bateria) debita um Rock’n’Roll retro e potente mas cujos motivos de interesse se resumem, neste Trailer Oriented Rock, aos bem puxados «Paint it Brown» e «Beltway to My Heart (Beltway to the Starr)». Curioso é o Boggie de ambiência sixties de «I Left as a Lamb (But i'll Return as a Lion)» em que Starr, nos tons mais baixos, quase evoca Elvis Presley. «I Stole Your Love», a cover do clássico dos Kiss, encerra a prestação dos Adam West. [6,5] Bem mais interessantes, os lisboetas The No-Counts Doctrine of Mayhem cospem cinco temas de Punk'n'Roll simples e demolidor. A voz rouca mas potente de Sicko No-Count e a distorção contida (por vezes quase limpa) da guitarra transmitem à música uma personalidade própria, que se traduz num estilo relativamente original. «Electric Church» "abre" o registo da melhor forma. Rápida e agressiva, é certamente uma óptima escolha para abrir os concertos do grupo. «Radiation From Hell», poderosa; «Jumpin' Jack Flash», a demolidora versão dos Rolling Stones; e «Valhala On the Rocks», furiosa q.b., são os outros temas em destaque numa prestação enérgica e aguerrida. À boa maneira Punk Rock! [7,5] Média: 7 Dico
(FEV. 2004 /
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