Dave Champion and I accompanied The Hellacopters on the beginning of their US tour and shot some crappy pictures. Dig them! Most photos by Dave Champion or Jake Starr.

Fandango Records will release a Hellacopters live 7" and a Hellacopters/Adam West split 7" in 1999.

Nicke, Matthias, and Boba get down after their show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ.

Kenny, Nicke, Matthias, Robert, and Boba at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore before their show at the Otto Bar.

Nicke, Kenny, Nomad Records mogul Dave Champion, and Jake Starr, singer in the band Adam West and Fandango Records president, at Edgar Allen Poe's grave site in Baltimore.

Kenny, Jake Starr, and Nicke in front of Edgar Allen Poe's grave in Baltimore.

Soundcheck at the Otto Bar in Baltimore.

Bass Players in Love: Kenny meets Steve, bass player in Adam West, after their show at Maxwell's.

Nicke eating a delicious roast beef sandwich in the back of Dave Champion's car.

Kenny eating tortilla chips in the back of Dave Champion's car.

On the streets of Philadelphia: Dave Champion, Nicke, Kenny, and Boba.

"Cuz I was born, baby, born to be broke. . ."

Dave Champion and Robert in Cleveland.

"The Hellacopter Fruitcup": Matthias, Robert, Nicke, Dave Champion's fruitcup, and Eric (der Überroadie).

Boba Fett comin' at ya!

"Stayin' straight got me so strung out": Kenny, Dave Champion, and J.R. Quadrajet.

Robert, Nicke, Kenny, and Jamie Quadrajet at the Euclid Tavern in Cleveland.

Nicke and Dave Champion.
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